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We understand retail, like no other company.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my store consider Expert Accounting Service?

No two retailers are the same but many of their problems are universal. All of our clients are looking for more time to run their operations, less stress and greater piece of mind.

Many stores are frustrated with their current bookkeeping arrangement. We know of the challenges associated with finding someone who is qualified and dependable, or of the revolving door of part time staff that need to be trained each time. With that comes  the costs of fixing mistakes, training, and the lack of timely accurate financial reporting.

And that’s where we come in! Expert Accounting Service provides a turnkey bookkeeping solution for you. We have a team of seasoned retail professionals who will work with you to achieve your goals.

The retail landscape is forever changing, as are your businesses. EAS is able to identify key issues and help with solving the problem before they happen ensuring your ability to find the best solution to navigate efficiently.

How would EAS access my information?

Simply put we gain access remotely through secured applications. Within the store we would require access to the POS system. Being a Canadian based  company means there are minimal problems associated with drastic time changes. It’s just that easy!

What are the costs involved with EAS?

With our current clients we found that our fees have been comparable to what the store is currently paying for their bookkeeping service to be done in-store and in many cases less. Plus we remove all concerns regarding maternity leaves, sick days, holidays, absenteeism, training, etc.   Our pricing structure is simply based on your annual sales volume and the level of service required. Understanding that no two businesses are the same EAS is able to customize a program to fit your needs and budget.

What other value does EAS bring to my business?

So glad you asked! That is where we really shine. We know that many operations suffer from poor financial management which in many cases has a lot to do with poor financial reporting. And why is that? Most owner/operators wear a multitude of hats during the course of a day and unfortunately in many cases the financials are often neglected.  We provide the owner with timely accurate financial reporting which help dramatically in making decisions within their businesses.  This can be a game changer for many stores. We are able to bring to your attention the key metrics needed to operate a profitable operation as well as comparatives to industry Key Performance Indicators.

Through this process we are able to improve the stores gross margin by 1% to 2%. Again, our team is made up of people who have been in and understand  retail and not just on the accounting side. We know and understand what it takes to be profitable in today’s ever changing retail environment.