Vacation Checklist: Prepare for Your Time Off in 5 Steps

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When it comes to any type of vacation planning, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared. Before you leave, you have to consider things like budgeting, accommodation, transportation, food and beverage selection, activities and packing.

As a retailer and business owner, you wear many hats and are pulled in all kinds of different directions, and taking breaks to reset is a crucial part of the process. In addition to planning the vacation itself, when you are out-of-office, it is especially essential to ensure that all your operations run without any hiccups.

With this comprehensive list in hand, you’ll be ready for the journey ahead!

1. Plan your vacation during your slow season

This may seem obvious, but your industry is one that has busy periods during times that coincide with desirable travel times. Taking the necessary steps to plan around or away from peak season will ultimately pay off for your business in the long run. Whether it’s finding more cost-effective flights or hotels to escape to, or maximizing how much time you are comfortable staying off-the-grid (during a time your store has been known to have less foot-traffic, for example), choosing carefully will ultimately benefit you in many ways.

2. Train your employees

Training your employees to handle tasks while you are away will ensure that the business can stay running in your absence and minimizes the chances of you coming back to a massive pile of paperwork that needs immediate attention upon your return. Plus, it can also empower your colleagues with additional knowledge and skills, which could positively benefit morale and efficiency in your store.

3. Prepare for emergencies

Having a detailed contingency plan with fully-outlined steps to take for any possible situation that arises will put your staff at ease and allow you to rest knowing that everything will be handled in your absence.

4. Let those that need to know of your plans

Your staff is prepared? Great! Don’t forget your external service providers. These folks are usually the last to know, and often get excluded altogether. Your contingency plan should also include them, at the very least so they know who to contact to get the answers to any questions they may have when you are away.

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5. Enjoy your time off!

It’s so easy for business owners to check emails and answer texts from employees periodically throughout the day. By the time your vacation is over, you haven’t really had a break at all. Whether it’s in leaving the laptop at home or disconnecting your email service from all devices you have with you until you return, find a way to fully remove yourself from your working life for the complete duration of your vacation.

If it is impossible to fully unplug, then schedule a specific time to check emails and texts and let your staff know that you will be available at that time only.  Adding structure will ensure you receive the much needed break you deserve.

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